100 songs for the 2010s: Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug’s ‘Havana’ #14


And welcome to #14 entry – Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug’s ‘Havana’ – a song that you have certainly had stuck in your head at some point or another.

Not an instant hit upon release but a song with staying power, ‘Havana’ presents a trend already covered at #8 – Latin American influenced music’s impact on the global music scene. It also presents a feature not new and exclusive to the decade but one that gets a lot of people talking online – and that is group members disbanding to follow solo projects. Most famously, One Direction was the group that couldn’t even last the whole decade but we will cover them in a few days time. Cabello is also a former member of a group – Fifth Harmony. If all those youtube compilations are to be believed, Fifth Harmony was never really that harmonious, so their disbandment might not have been that big of a shock. And even though all the members have started their solo careers, Cabello is definitely the most successful one out of them. It may be because she embraced her Latin roots in her music. Or it may be that she is constantly in the news for her baffling relationship with Shawn Mendes.



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