100 songs for the 2010s: Becky G & Natti Natsha’s ‘Sin Pijama’ #8


We are already on #8. Struggling but going strong. We are discussing Becky G & Natti Natsha’s ‘Sin Pijama’.

Another recent entry into the list (released in 2018), ‘Sin Pijama’ showcases another change in the popular music of the last decade (in addition to the genre-defying changes of #7). Sung entirely in Spanish, ‘Sin Pijama’ is just one example of Latin American music leaving its mark on a global market. Latin American music has an extremely deep and rich history and has always been popular in its native region. However, the 2010s saw Latin American music deservedly carve itself a path onto the world stage and for the better of everyone. No longer are English-language songs or US/UK only artists the only ones to dominate the charts and the online conversations. The more diverse, the merrier!

The song also showcases another change in female music especially – women artist reclaiming their own sexuality for themselves. This trend is also very evident in the next entry!


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