100 songs of the 2010s: Bobby Shmurda, ‘Hot N—a’ #11


And welcome to entry #11 (make a wish, hah). If #10 was one of my favourite songs, then #11 is completely new territory for me. And there is a very good reason for that (I am very very white). It was fun to read the story of this song though – Bobby Shmurda, ‘Hot N—a’. 

I’m sure you can find better explanations of the story behind this song but it can be shortly summarized as New York + indie production (a rap over someone else’s freestyle) + Vine (R.I.P.) + prison instead of a music career. Few things of note here (in addition to the surprise ending) – during the 2010s, independent music began having the ability to way more people than it ever had before. And that was due to the Internet and its platforms like Vine, where music can be reproduced into a meme or a trend and reach unpredicted and immeasurable audiences.


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