100 songs for the 2010s: Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Joke’ #12


To finish off today with #12, we have a song that I have heard numerous times without really realizing and picking up on it – Brandi Carlile’s ‘The Joke’.

Representing those marginalized by society, who struggle with fitting in and being loved for who they are, ‘The Joke’ cuts you deep, both lyrically and vocally. It unapologetically demands empathy for all those who have been refused this basic human emotion and right. Potentially one of the lesser-known (by the mainstream audiences) songs on the list, it, nevertheless, deserves its spot. Especially since its a round-up list of the decade that saw societal marginalization being tackled head-on and to new lengths. The work is yet to be done, through and may ‘The Joke’ continue to inspire change.


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Anti-social nerd, cinephile, and bookworm that is probably currently bopping along to some song or another and is also 75% radioactive fish, because she has spent half of her life in a chlorine-filled pool.

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