Swiss Swimming Marathon 2016

Hi! This is just a quick update post for those who actually read my writings about sports events (thank you, BTW)! I started my 8th open water swimming season by participating in the 7th annual Swiss Swimming Marathon. The marathon was started in 2010 and I haven't missed a single one of them. Usually, the … Continue reading Swiss Swimming Marathon 2016

Multi-sports: Lampetronas 2014

Hello!Remember when a few post ago, I said that that was the last time this summer when I was writing about a sports event? Well, I unintentionally lied because yesterday I participated in multi-sport event by accident.This multi-sport event I am talking about is 2nd annual Lampetronas 2014 event.┬áVisit the website of the eventLampetronas is … Continue reading Multi-sports: Lampetronas 2014