100 songs for the 2010s: Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ #9


And welcome to #9 entry of the project! As hinted in the ending of #8, the ninth song of the list is the anthem of modern female empowerment – specifically the empowerment of women of colour. It’s Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’.

Truthfully speaking, I feel hesitant to speak about Beyonce and her music as I am very aware of my position as a white feminist – and white feminist has a sad history of exclusion of women of colour. Even though I have spoken about issues I know even less about already, somehow speaking about this songs feels really wrong – maybe because I do feel a sense of relatability through the shared gender yet I am also very aware of the gap that race differents present.

Rich musically, politically, culturally, visually, ‘Formation’ was a surprise release in 2016 (preceded by a surprise release of the eponymous album 3 years prior). While it is not one of Beyonce’s songs that I actively come back to, it is certainly the one whose importance cannot be rivalled.

Following this trend of unannounced releases, another surprise drop in 2019 could have been anticipated. And even though there is only less than a month left in the year, I wouldn’t put it past Beyonce to just drop another album to finish the trifecta. And even if we are made to wait a bit more – it is gonna be worthed. Hope I will be able to access it though (can you tell that I have a strong dislike towards Tidal?)


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