100 songs for the 2010s: Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ #6


And welcome to the #6 entry on the list. This time around, we are not really talking about a song but rather a meme-full pop-culture event – Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’.

I’m not counting ‘Harlem Shake’ as a song because up until opening a page to write this blog post, I did not know the name of the artist behind the song. In 2013, ‘Harlem Shake’ just seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and infected every part of the Internet. Spread through videos that all shared a somewhat similar structure yet made no sense whatsoever, ‘Harlem Shake’ was the first big dance craze of the early 2010s (if you can call it a dance). Numerous other meme-based dances or movements have followed in its footsteps throughout the decade. None, however, have been able to replicate the same magnitude of reach or fun associated with it. In 2013, ‘Harlem Shake’ seemed to be a non-sensical yet innocent craze rather than a marketing ploy or, even worse, a harmful trend.

I, like so so many others, also partook in the trend. I remember filming a tonne of non-sensical clips at a hostel during a swimming competition. Both sadly and gladly, I was too lazy to edit the clips into a coherent video after I and my swim team friends filmed it. For better or for worse (no cringe yet no fun memories to share), the clips are all safely tucked away in pieces somewhere on my hard drive.



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