100 songs for the 2010s: Avicii’s ‘Levels’ #4


Welcome to day 2 of the challenge and #4 song on the list. This is the first quite sombre entry – Avicii’s ‘Levels’.

Coming out in the early 2010s and absolutely dominating the radio and the charts, ‘Levels’ brought EDM music into the forefront. Suddenly, the beats of the underground and club scenes were distributed to radio and rivalled easier to stomach pop music on the charts. It also redefined how music could be made for the contemporary market (a laptop was all that talented people needed).

Due to the success of levels, the world came to learn Avicii’s name (actual name being Tim Bergling). Sadly, his life has been cut short due to mental health issues and Bergling passed away last year. Even though he wasn’t able to have a long and lasting career, his songs continue to live on. I think that’s because not only are his melodies incredibly catchy but his lyrics to have a message/story in them – a rarity in the EDM genre.



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