100 songs for the 2010s: Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ #2


And welcome to the 2nd post of the December project (info here).

Whereas the first song I covered was completely unfamiliar to me, the second entry on the list – Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – is a song I have listened to countless times throughout the decade.

Whilst the whole decade was immensely successful to the English singer-songwriter that defied the expectations of a female pop-star, ‘Roling in the Deep’ was a song that introduced a lot of us to Adele. I remember hearing the song as a teen and, even though I was fairly incapable of truly understanding the raw and unadulterated emotion within the song (the hurt, the anger, and the sadness), it still struck a chord with me and have stayed with me throughout the decade. And as I have grown older, the song, sadly, became more emotionally accessible and relatable to me. And yet, that is just part of life – being hurt and learning to move on.

In addition to the original by Adele, I clearly remember listening to one particular cover of this song. Nerdy teens and musical theatre geeks of early 2010s will certainly recognize it: its Glee’s own Lea Michelle’s and Jonathan Groff’s acapella version. That cover was certainly a major personal reason why I fell in love with the song.

Were you fans of this song when it was released? Or of Adele’s music in general?


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