5 ideas about a movie: The Nice Guys!


I am not a big comedy person when it comes to movies. I enjoy watching comedic pictures at home, but I rarely go to see them at the cinema. However, I made an exception for The Nice Guys, because it was a comedy/action film, not just comedy and also because I have enjoyed previous films by Shane Black. So, let’s briefly review The Nice Guys!

  1. Shane Black: Black is most well-known for directing and writing Iron Man 3, which I, personally, really enjoyed but did understood why other viewers didn’t. It wasn’t the best Marvel film and not even the best Iron Man film, but it was still vastly better than other comic book films. The other film by Black, which I really liked, is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It is really similar to The Nice Guys, in that, it has a clever story that combines action/crime and comedy. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is also the film that saved Robert Downey Jr. career and look where he is now.
  2. Writing: The Nice Guys was written by Black and Anthony Bagarozzi. I thought that the writing was really good: the story’s premise/set-up was funny to begin with (it involved a porn star), so all the additional jokes were like the icing on top. The humor was both awkward and uncomfortable but came organically and was very real-life like. The jokes were also really cynical and satirical. In general, the dialogue was rich yet simple.
  3. Directing: Black directed the film and did a nice job. The shoot-outs were interesting, the 70s vibe – cool and cooky, and the stylization – awesome as well. I liked that they used Earth, Wind and Fire’s song September – that added an authentic 70s vibe.
  4. Acting: The Nice Guys were played by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling and they were not that nice. One of them was quite a shitty father and an alcoholic and the other one was a paid killer. Both of them were not great detectives either. However, I enjoyed the subtle character development that showed their nicer sides. Gosling’s character really cared about his daughter and grieved for his dead wife and Crowe’s character just wanted to matter (that dinner story really made his character more likable). Gosling and Crowe also had great chemistry and their back and forth was amazing (‘did you fall?’ and ‘did you fall again?’ were wonderful moments).
  5. Acting: The supporting cast was pretty great too. The daughter was played by Angourie Rice, who does not have a lot of experience but did a really good job and held her own against Gosling and Crowe. She was the most efficient detective out of the three. Other actors involved with the project were Matt Bomer (Magic Mike, will be in The Magnificent Seven), Margaret QualleyMurielle Telio, and Kim Basinger (who has joined Fifty Shades series as a major character from the books).

In short, The Nice Guys was a nice little buddy crime comedy with amazing jokes, good action and great performances by Gosling, Crowe, and newcomer Rice. A must watch for Black’s fans and a recommended watch for all cinema goers.

Rate: 4.5/5

Trailer: The Nice Guys trailer


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22 thoughts on “5 ideas about a movie: The Nice Guys!

  1. I thinking you liked this one there’s a good chance you’ll really like Central Intelligence. It’s much funnier and the plot isn’t bad either. Pretty straight-forward but done well.

  2. I was actually surprised that I liked this movie. The movie trailers didn’t do anything for me, but I did like the movie. Nice review (as always)

  3. Although I really enjoyed the film I did not find it laugh out loud funny. I’m normally the person who prefers sit-coms and watching Comedy films at home. Not sure why but there’s something about watching a comedy in the comfort of your own couch. The storyline to The Nice Guys is great and I thoroughly enjoyed the twist and turns but I just do not think it is as funny as it is made out to be.

    The acting cannot be criticised and I think the two main stars pulled off a great onscreen relationship. I’d watch The Nice Guys again but maybe not in the cinema. Good review by the way.

  4. Movie idea: Wife of police officer calls fire department when she feels like she’s having a nervous breakdown. Yet, when the fire department arrives, she makes eye contact with a fire firefighter, much younger than she, but they make a positive contact. This brings lots of tension, as the fire fighter she makes contact and energy with has gone on several calls where this woman’s wife is doing mutual aid. This leads to more scenes, more and more until, finally that moment occurs when the wife and the firefighter meet again, and sparks fly…meanwhile the police officer husband suspects what’s going on and he’s about do to some investigation himself, to get his wife’s attention back to him and away from this not so nice fire fighter.

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