Weekend by the Sea 


How was your weekend? Did you relax enough before starting a new week? I sorta did.

On Saturday morning, I went to Klaipėda – third bigggest city in Lithuania which is lovated in the west – by the Baltic Sea. My aunt and her family live there and they have been living there for the past 2 decades. I visit them at least 3 times per year during weekends and usually spend approximately a week there in summer. A few places that I like to visit while I am in Klaipeda are, of course, the beach and the harbor. So the first 5 photos are from my walk in the harbor area on Saturday and the other ones are from a Sunday walk on the beach. I hope you enjoy the view! The weather was great the whole weekend so I hope that these spring-y photos will lighten your mood and uplift your spirits! 

My aunt also took me to the best thrift stores in Klaipėda, so prepare for a huge trift haul next week! I just need to wash all the stuff! 

Have a great week and be safe! Bye!

Published by Lou

Anti-social nerd, cinephile, and bookworm that is probably currently bopping along to some song or another and is also 75% radioactive fish, because she has spent half of her life in a chlorine-filled pool.

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