Blogging 101. Who Am I ?

Hello my dear readers!!

I have some news for you!!
During the month of February, I am participating in the Blogging 101 workshop! This means that you will get a lot more daily (I hope that they will be daily) posts from me! I will be covering a variety of topics, so there will be something for everyone’s taste as usual (Movie reviews, Fashion and Beauty news, Pop Culture ramblings, Travel posts, and other weird and quirky things). The reason behind my decision to be a part of this course is the fact that recently I haven’t been writing much and I kinda miss it. I hope that Blogging 101 will help me stay on schedule, will encourage me to post more often and will improve my writing skills! So, let’s have a great month!

Published by Lou

Anti-social nerd, cinephile, and bookworm that is probably currently bopping along to some song or another and is also 75% radioactive fish, because she has spent half of her life in a chlorine-filled pool.

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